Wheel balancer fully automatic 230 V, 10-32 inches with LED display - RP-U120PN

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Manufacturer: RP-TOOLS

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Product details
Professional wheel balancer with microprocessor technology from RP-TOOLS for balancing car, truck and motorcycle wheels.

The PN series shines with its new, improved design and now supports you even more effectively in the individual work steps. The optional storage extension provides ample space for consumables, tools and accessories.

The new RP-TOOLS G2 measurement technology now delivers even more precise measurement results in the different balancing programs. Depending on the model you have a wide range of functions and balancing programs, with which you usually get each wheel balanced. The high stability at the same time you save costs when balancing the wheels.

Our machines have been extensively tested in a test phase and the quality and performance has been improved.

We have a large selection of models and different configurations to meet all workshop requirements.

  • Automatic, static and dynamic unbalance determination in one measuring run
  • Diameter, rim width and rim distance can be entered via the stylus
  • Automatic and pedal-controlled brakes
  • Foot brake - offers the possibility to hold the wheel
  • Automatic start/stop when the hood is lowered or open
  • Automatic minimization of imbalance value
  • Quick-release nut for quick installation of the wheel on the tire balancer
  • Storage compartments for balancing weights
  • Mounting and storage facility for gauge and centering cone available
  • STOP-button to stop the machine immediately
  • Display in grams/ounces & mm/inch
  • Self-diagnosis & self-calibration
  • Static and dynamic balancing modes
  • Alloy rims balancing programs
  • Rapid optimization (OPT)
  • Automatic measurement of distance and wheel diameter*
  • Automatic positioning of the wheel for the weights to be attached*
  • Special balancing program for more accurate application of the adhesive weights on the inside of the rim*
  • Split function (or hidden balancing) to position the weights behind the rims of the rims*
  • Automatic adoption of the rim distance, the diameter and the rim width by simply approaching the measuring arm to the rim flange*

* For a detailed list of the functions included please refer to the technical data of the respective model.

General Information
How often does a wheel have to be balanced?

As long as a bike/tire combination does not lose its balance, it does not have to be balanced. Mostly, however, the wheels are unbalanced after 10 to 15,000 kilometers. This is because the tire is twisted by acceleration and braking maneuvers on the rim and thereby shift the focus and are no longer in balance. Curbs also lead to a wheel needs to be rebalanced. Another common cause of rebalancing is the simple fact that balancing weights separate from the wheel and are thus no longer balanced.

Difference between Static and Dynamic
  • a) Static imbalance (up to 4 inches wide)
    A static imbalance exists when the tire has a heavy point. This could be e.g. determine by swinging out. The heaviest point would always come to a halt below.
    Smaller rims recognize the balancing machine only in static mode (because of the so-called level separation right - left).

    The motorcycle wheel is guided in the two-arm swingarm and can not stumble. It is different with the one-arm swing, here already wider rims are installed and the dynamic imbalance can occur. With special tensioning devices for motorcycle tires, it is possible to measure and balance dynamic forces.

  • b) Dynamic imbalance (from about 5 inches wide)
    Dynamic unbalance is e.g. when the tire has two heavy points that are diagonally opposite each other. This can only be determined on a wheel balancer when turning the wheel.

    Dynamic balancing prevents the wheel from "tumbling" at higher revs, so it is very important for driving from about 60 km/h. The dynamic unbalance only occurs when the wheel is turning (hence dynamic) and pulls the wheel aside.

    In extreme cases, the imbalance could be the same in both places and cancel each other out in peace. Dynamic balancing is a must have ever wide tire/rim. Dynamic balancing involves static imbalance.

Technical Specifications

Electronic, foot brake
Rim diameter (inch/mm)
10 - 32 / 255 - 810
Rim width (inch/mm)
1,5 - 20 / 39 - 510
Wheel diameter max. (mm/inch)
1000 / 39.37
Displayed units
Displayed units
Display (LED, LCD, TFT)
Double LED-Display
Electricity supply:
Electrical connection
Frequency (Hz)
Fuse (electric) (A)
Voltage (V)
Motor capacity (kW)
Anchor type
Mechanical dowels
Fixing material
Anchor HILTI HST M10X90/10
Sound pressure level dB(A)
Safety features:
Emergency stop button
Suitable for vehicle class
Suitable for vehicle class
Light commercial vehicles up to 3.5t
Working temperature (°C)
0 - 50
Tire balancing machine
Balancing programs
Hidden spoke mode (SPLIT)
MOT (Motorcycle)
Static 1
Static 2
Tire changer
Tyre lever (mm)
Wheel weight max. (kg)
Wheel balancer
Accuracy ± (g/OZ)
Automatic braking after measuring run
Automatic rim tension
Automatic transfer of rim data
Rim diameter and offset distance data
CLIP-ON system for adhesive weights
Number of centering cones
Span range (mm)
44 - 132
Measurement time (s)
5 - 7
Auto stop at the corrective weight location
Hidden spoke mode (SPLIT): yes
multi-user: no
OPT Match Program
Self-calibration (calibration also possible by the customer)
Self-diagnosis (diagnosis program for self-diagnosis, without service technician)
Tolerance range Weights adjustable: no
Shaft (mm)
40 x 3
Tolerance (°)
Weight types
Grams, Ounces
Weight (kg)
Product weight
Shipping weight
Product dimensions (mm)
Packaging dimensions (mm)

Scope of delivery

4 x Cone Holder
1 x Centering Shaft + Fixing Screw
1 x Cone P1-12004W 85-132 mm
1 x Cone P1-12003W 78-111 mm
1 x Push button (plastic)
1 x Cone P1-12002W 59-82 mm
1 x Clamping Nut Adapter
1 x Cone P1-12001W 44-70 mm
1 x Clamping Nut 40x3 complete
1 x Wheel Guard Cover
1 x Mounting Tool
1 x Rim Width Calipers (Measuring Gauge for Rims)
1 x Calibration Tool for Measuring Arm
1 x Calibration Weight 100g
1 x Wheel Weight Pliers


4 cones

Includes four standard cones, to mount most wheels.

40mm steel shaft

Our machines have a 40 mm strong, sturdy and durable steel shaft diameter.

Pedal brake

Through an additional foot pedal brake, the wheel can be locked in the correct position during the mounting process.

High quality keypad

Membrane keypad with metal membranes.

High quality materials and workmanship

Tested with 100,000 mounting operations at full load, conforms to CE EN 1493rd.

Wheel guard

Can also be operated without wheel guard by using the On/Off switch. Automatic Start / Stop of the balancing run when closing or opening the safety hood.

TÜV certified

TÜV certified - in accordance with international safety standards, with type examination by TUV Austria for increased safety.

Spare parts supply

Large spare parts warehouse with more than 20,000 certified parts in original RP-TOOLS quality.

Powder-coated surface

Our machines are powder- coated instead of painted. Thick coatings guarantee a high resistance to mechanical stress and a good insulation value against electrical voltage. Weathering and acid-resistant, environmentally friendly.

G2 measuring technology

Microprocessor controlled technology with high quality piezoelectric sensors for accurate balancing results. Minimizes weight usage through more precise calculations.


Through an integrated additional weight the machine can also be operated without floor mounting without falling over.


Use of high quality electric motors with copper windings for an increased service life.

Balancing Programs


Here, a clip-on weight is applied to the left inside on the wheel flange as well as an adhesive balancing weight to the right inside on the wheel flange.


Adhesive weights are applied to the left inside and the right side behind the spokes on the wheel flanges.


Here, adhesive weights are applied to the left inside and the right outside of the wheel flanges.


Balancing program to attach weights on the left and right side of the wheel flange.

Static 1

The Static 1 program is a procedure to balance wheel vibrations by using a single adhesive weight in the rim center.

Static 2

The Static 2 program is a procedure to balance wheel vibrations by using a single clip-on weight at the side of the rim.

MOT (Motorcycle)

Can motorcycle rims have a dynamic imbalance? Front wheel rims can have a minimal imbalance because of the narrow width. It is barely detectable while driving. Rear wheel rims with a width from about 4 inches can have imbalances but here too, only to a small extent. Which is the better way of balancing wheels, a balancing machine or the classic balancing stand? With motorcycles, only the static imbalance has a noticeable negative influence on the driving due to influences on the rims and wheel guidance, For this reason it will not matter which balance method is used. The balancer practically works the same way as the balancing stand. The heaviest point on the wheel is determined and then compensated through a corrective weight. Only with extra wide rear rims (from 4 inches) should the wheel be balanced with the balancing machine if possible, to also measure the dynamic imbalance. Tip: try to always use a balancing stand for spoke wheels. At that point you can see best if the wheel has a radial runout. If only one balancer is available, ask the technician to raise the safety cage before the wheel phase-out and check the concentricity.

Hidden spoke mode (SPLIT)

The SPLIT function enables the positioning of the balancing weights, so that they are not visible from the outside but are hidden behind the spokes.


Special ALU program for precise and fast application of clip-on weights and adhesive weights on aluminium rims. Here, a clip-on weight is applied to the left inside on the wheel flange and an adhesive weight on the right outside in front of the spokes. The position of the adhesive weight can be determined by the operator.


Special ALU program for precise and fast application of adhesive weights on aluminium rims. In this program you define the exact left and right position of the adhesive weights to be applied on the inside of the wheel flange behind the spokes.


Here, a clip-on weight is applied to the left inside on the wheel flange as well as an adhesive balancing weight to the right outside on the wheel flange.

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durch die sehr Bedienerfreundliche und angenehm, schnell erlernbare Bedienung der Maschine bekommt man schnell ein Händchen für das Gerät, was für mich sehr erfreulicher Punkt ist. würde ich auf jeden Fall wieder holen!!!

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Die Wuchtmaschine zeichnet sich durch besonders einfache und anwenderfreundliche Bedienung aus, da man am Display alle relevanten Daten ablesen kann. Durch die verschiedenen Programme kann lässt sich mit dem Gerät viel machen. Sämtliches, wichtiges Zubehör wurde mitgeliefert und durch die vollautomatische Bedienung ist ein schnelles und effizientes Arbeiten gewährleistet.

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Also, das Gerät erklärt sich recht einfach und selbst wenn man noch nie zuvor mit einer Wuchtmaschine gearbeitet hat, bekommt man es doch relativ schnell hin. Am Display wird einem alles angezeigt, was man braucht, was wirklich praktisch ist. Ich kann nur sagen, dass ich vom Gerät begeistert bin und dass ich auch weiterhin Kunde von RP bleiben werde. Beste Grüße

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leicht zu bedienen und super verarbeitet. alles bestens und gerne mal wieder

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