§57a starter set for car inspection Austria - up to 3.5 t

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This product consists of
    • Product details

      Unicycle perforator, easy to use

      The test badge is placed in a sliding stop table, the position of the individual (7) digits can be easily found by means of a lock-in aid. Each spot is perforated individually. Ideal device for small workshops, chain stores,... etc. Absolutely maintenance-free.

      Technical Specifications

      Weight (kg)
      Product weight

    • Product details
      • Roller brake tester, up to 2.7 t axle load
      • Approved for HU §29 Germany and §57a for Austria
      • Test speed 5.1 km/h
      • Powerful 3 kW drive motors
      • Low-wear corundum pulleys 700 mm
      • Optionally with analog display or PC connection
      • ASA livestream interface - necessary for use in Germany
      • Self-supporting, hot-dip galvanized roller set in extremely flat design
      • All car wheel sets are prepared for upgrading the 4-point wheel load balance
      • Roller set with adjustment screws for height adjustment and adjustment screws for longitudinal and lateral fixation
      • Car wheel set fits in all common pits
      • All roller sets can be extended to test lane
      • Wear-free, electronic strain gauge measuring system
      • Compact control cabinet
      • Incl. speed â??â??sensors
      • Manual/automatic mode
      • Delayed automatic switch-on
      • Start-up monitoring, slip shut-off and shut-down after exiting the test bench
      • Optimized test procedure also suitable for electronic parking brakes
      • Lockable main switch
      • Wall bracket for control cabinet
      • Easy installation of roller set and display by pre-wiring
      • 4WD function: optional
      • Matching customer accessories on request

      Technical Specifications

      Brake tester
      Brake force measuring range (kN)
      Braking power max. (KN)
      Roller coefficient dry-wet
      ⟩ 0.7 / ⟩ 0.6
      Testable axle load with 50% braking (kg)
      Engine brake/drive-off aid
      Remote Control
      Speed sensor
      Weighing function
      Control cabinet height (mm)
      Control cabinet length (mm)
      Control cabinet width (mm)
      Roll diameter (mm)
      Roller cantilever (mm)
      Roller set height (mm)
      Roller set length (mm)
      Roller set width (mm)
      Rollers length (mm)
      Test width max. (mm)
      Test width min. (mm)
      Electricity supply:
      Electrical connection
      Frequency (Hz)
      Fuse (electric) (A)
      3 x 25, träge
      Supply line Cross-section (mm²)
      5 x 2,5
      Voltage (V)
      Motor capacity (kW/HP)
      Inspection intervals - Recurring inspection and inspection obligations
      Inspection intervals - Recurring inspection and inspection obligations
      1x 2 years - routine test (Germany) / calibration with test book (Austria)
      1x day - visual inspection of plant operation
      1x year - safety check
      ASA assanetwork
      Material rollers
      Roll set
      Sound pressure level dB(A)
      < 70
      Permissible humidity
      Permissible humidity
      <90 (no condensation)
      Speed levels
      Test speed (km/h)
      Suitable for vehicle class
      Suitable for vehicle class
      Storage and transport temperature max. (°C)
      Storage and transport temperature min. (°C)
      - 10
      Working temperature (°C)
      0 - 50
      control cabinet (kg)
      Test lane drive-over capacity max. (kg)
      Weight (kg)
      Product weight

    • Product details

      Check the condition of the brake fluid in a few seconds by the boiling point measurement method. The test is carried out directly in the brake fluid reservoir. Supplied in plastic case including pipette, separate container and DOT list by vehicle type.

      • Suitable for brake fluids of types DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 4 Plus and DOT 5.1
      • Processor control
      • Two-line, alphanumeric LCD display
      • The test device can be connected directly to the vehicle battery with the pole terminals
      • Measuring probe made of V-steel
      • The conformity certificate of the BMVIT Vienna/Austria is available for the test device.

      Technical Specifications

      Weight (kg)
      Product weight

    • Product details

      Mechanical headlamp leveler, wheeled chassis, mirror, visor and plastic centering ring. Fixed plate and adjustable plate. For precise and fast adjustment of all types of headlamps. Suitable for cars, trucks and buses.

      • Mirror optics for precise alignment of the device
      • Mirror visor
      • Digital luxmeter
      • Frese lens
      • Inclined position
      • Pillar 166 cm

      Technical Specifications

      Weight (kg)
      Product weight

    • Product details

      Axle and joint play tester for cars and light commercial vehicles. Hydraulically operated play tester for testing the vehicle wheel suspension and steering elements up to 2.6 t axle load. With eight test movements, this game tester is suitable for chassis diagnosis and periodic vehicle inspection. The low height allows installation in a work pit or on the lift.

      For use in a constant ambient temperature below 0°C, U10 grade hydraulic oil is recommended. Testing of vehicles of category M1, N1 Installation in the working pit or on a lift.

      • Test movements: longitudinal, transverse and parallel
      • Check by a person with the brake pedal lock
      • Hydraulic connections down (P-Model) or to the side (L-Model) available
      • Cover of test panel edges provides additional user safety
      • When switched off, the test plates are automatically fixed
      • Meets the requirements of the Austrian testing ordinance 3/4/5.PBStV-Nov./Anl.2a
      • Prepared installation pit with edge protection
      • Prepared electrical connections and empty piping for wiring
      • Prepared empty piping for the control and pneumatic lines
      • Hydraulic oil
      • Installation on a scissor lift requires the permission of the stage manufacturer
      • Roll-off protection and scissor tie bar must be present
      • Hydraulic connection hoses (standard length when ordered ex factory is 4 x 1800 mm and 4 x 4000 mm)
      • Ascent and descent ramps (four)

      Technical Specifications

      ISO-L-HM32 or DIN-HLP32
      Axle load max.
      Axle load max. (kg)
      Corrosion protection
      Corrosion protection
      Built-in scissor lift 2 sides (mm)
      500 x 500 x 54
      Installation working pit W x L x D (mm)
      2200 x 600 x 520
      Test plate (mm)
      500 x 270
      Track width max. (mm)
      Track width min. (mm)
      Drive power (kW)
      Electricity supply:
      Fuse (electric) (A)
      3 x 10
      Voltage (V)
      3 x 400
      Movement simultaneously diagonal invers
      Movement simultaneously diagonal invers (mm)
      Movement simultaneously lengthwise invers
      Movement simultaneously lengthwise invers (mm)
      Oil quality
      Oil quality
      Hydrokomol U32
      Oil requirement
      Oil requirement (liter)
      Speed of movement
      Speed of movement (mm/sek)
      Test plate coating
      Test plate coating
      Thrust max./plate
      Thrust max./plate (N)
      Weight (kg)
      Product weight

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    • Product details
      Omnibus 800 light device for gasoline and diesel (for your PC/laptop)

      Omnibus 800 light for petrol and diesel with Austria approval incl. OBD-Select. Operation via your existing laptop or PC, currently one of the most widely sold exhaust and multi-devices in Europe. Listed in the Nissan and Renault workshop catalog. Without fast-box OBD interface and database, as in Austria no obligation (otherwise as German device). If the device is to be used in Germany, please purchase the optional articles for Germany. Thanks to state-of-the-art measuring technology, the warm-up phase lasts only five minutes, and the legally required calibration can only be carried out once a year. Connect to laptop or PC with the USB cable.

      • TRO-050
      • PSI-50
      • AGS-200
      • PA-100
      • MGT-300 EVO
      TRO-050 TRO-050

      Power supply including cable 240 volt for power supply exhaust gas tester

      AGS-200 AGS-200

      Exhaust module for gasoline AU permanently installed in the case incl. exhaust probe, radio module for speed and temperature

      OPA-100 OPA-100

      Exhaust module for diesel - AU removable incl. exhaust probe car and truck. Radio reception module for speed and temperature

      MGT 300 EVO MGT 300 EVO

      The MGT 300 BrainBee speed detector "EVO" universal speed detector for gasoline and diesel engines

      Service Service

      As an authorized BrainBee partner, we will assist you during and after your purchase. On request, we familiarize you with the device and train you expertly. Of course, we are always available for service intervals and maintenance.


      Preparation for NOx sensor. Flue gas analysis mode with infrared rays for connection to a PC serial interface. Thanks to the small dimensions and 12 volt power supply, this device is very well suited for portable use. With its own BrainBee Omnibus 800 software for installation on a PC, it performs several tests that enable the operator to fine-tune the vehicle´s emission-related systems:

      Official vehicle inspection tests and blue quality guarantee sticker test you can use the official vehicle inspection procedures with the AGS-200, which complies with the DM/628 and subsequent circulars.

      Gas value curve

      The instrument automatically stores the gas readings at different engine speeds to create a gas value curve. Especially recommended for road tests or tests on the test bench.

      Automatic diagnostics

      The program compares the gas readings and gives the operator a list of possible causes of poor engine behavior.

      Catalyst efficiency

      The program guides the operator through the test and calculates a percentage of catalyst effect for the different types of gas before and after the catalyst.

      Double lambda probe test

      With the oscilloscope function, the instrument analyzes the variations in the signal and calculates an operational efficiency value.

      Cylinder head goodness test

      The program guides the operator through the test and is able to determine whether the cylinder head gasket is leaking by analyzing the gases in the coolant expansion tank.

      Heating efficiency test

      By storing the gas values ??over a period of 30 minutes, the program can judge whether the auxiliary starting elements and the temperature elements are working correctly.

      • Measurement gas suction capacity 4 l/min
      • Automatic and continuous condensate drain (water separator additionally recommended)
      • Semi-automatic leak test
      • Automatic flow control
      • Automatic control of used O2 sensor
      • Automatic compensation of ambient pressure from 850 to 1050 mB
      • Automatic calibration (with calibration gas cylinder, customer service)
      • Automatic zero setting
      • Heat up to 20°C for 10 minutes
      • IR channels Response time
      • O2 Response time
      • Speed and temperature reception via radio or via EOBD connector (with AD 7100 accessories)
      • Oil temperature input through PT100, or via radio EOBD (with AD 7100 accessories)
      • Serial interface RS 232 connection
      • Serial interface RS 485 network
      • Voltage 11 ÷ 15 volt DC
      • Consumption 1.5 A
      • Operating temperature 5°C to 40°C
      • Dimensions 220 x 140 x 430 mm
      • Weight 5 kg
      • Meets ISO 3930/OIML class 0
      • MID 2004/22/CE
      • DM 628/96 and subsequent circulars
      • AU 4 (Germany)
      • MOT (UK)
      • Austria
      • PCT gosstandart of Russia
      • BRML (Romania)
      • OMH (Hungary)
      • Bulgaria
      • Czech Republic
      • ARAI (India)
      • Meets the MCTCNET communication protocol
      • Including method book

      Light absorption measuring module for connection to the serial port of a PC. Thanks to the small dimensions and 12 volt power supply, this device is very well suited for portable use. BrainBee´s proprietary Omnibus 800 software allows you to run multiple vehicle diagnostics and optimize maintenance operations with the OPA-100.

      Official vehicle inspection test as well as test for the blue quality guarantee sticker. With the OPA-100 compliant with regulation DM/628 and subsequent circulars you can carry out the tests of official vehicle inspection procedures.

      • Light source with green LED
      • Light receiver with photodiode
      • Automatic control of the measuring chamber pressure
      • Stabilization of the measuring chamber pressure at 90°C
      • Automatic control of glass cleaning
      • Automatic zeroing
      • Heating to 20°C - 10 minutes
      • Automatic control dirty glass
      • Speed and temperature reception via radio or via EOBD connector (with AD 7100 accessories)
      • Serial interface RS 232 connection
      • Serial interface RS 485 network
      • Power supply 11 ÷ 15 Volt DC
      • Consumption 1A DC, 5A DC with heating on
      • Operating temperature from 5°C to 40°C
      • Dimensions 200 x 140 x 430 mm
      • Weight 5 kg
      • Meets ISO 11614
      • DM 628/96 and subsequent circulars
      • AU 4 (Germany)
      • MOT (UK)
      • Austria
      • PCT gosstandart of Russia
      • BRML (Romania)
      • OMH (Hungary)
      • Bulgaria
      • CEM (Spain)
      • Czech Republic
      • ARAI (India)
      • Meets the MCTCNET communication protocol
      • Including method book
      MGT 300 EVO

      MGT-300 EVO is BrainBee´s new universal speed recorder that transmits the recorded values ??to the receiver via Bluetooth® or USB. The speed is recorded via the ripple of the charging signal of the car battery or via the new magnetic vibration transmitter or the engine temperature via MGT-300 EVO_altezza 230 the standard temperature sensor.

      The built-in battery saves the cable connection to the car battery, which was necessary with the old speed measuring device, during the use of the magnetic vibration transmitter. The user-friendly software always provides comprehensive and clearly structured information on the signal quality, the current measured values ??and the transmission quality of the signals to the receiver. For all markets, which measure exhaust gases without OBD scantools, the speed can also be recorded via OBD interface (plug optional). The connection between MGT-300 EVO and OBD connector is also via Bluetooth.

      The MGT-300 EVO is equipped with a self-learning noise filter (neural network technology), which can independently detect the noise that occurs in a workshop or other environment in daily use and can be used to improve the measurement result.

      Connection options to PC

      The MGT 300 EVO can be connected to the PC using the supplied USB cable or Bluetooth®

      Measurement range

      Speed ??200 - 19990 RPM resolution 10, temperature 0-200°C resolution 1

      General Informations
      Upgrade options (optional)

      Universal fault diagnosis for European and Asian car manufacturers with unlimited use. Plug case, one year update included. Fast box for error inquiry and measured value representation (OBD). 2-channel digital oscilloscope with cable set for electronic and ignition signal display. Ampere pliers up to 600A communication transmission exhaust modules to PC with radio. Battery compartment for exhaust modules with charging cable and battery for completely wireless use including wireless connection to the PC.

      Data transfer to AU-Plus and via ASA network interface (optional). Fault diagnosis for cars incl. unlimited activation, one year update - plug case Europe - plug case Asia fault diagnosis heavy commercial vehicles (trucks), trailers and buses incl. unlimited activation, one year update and plug-in scope oscilloscope module DMO 810 with cable set and software connection to the schematics for direct transition device cover long (RP-TM-TRO220)


      For the AU (exhaust emission test) in Germany, a digital read-out device such as BrainBee F-Box, F-Box II and F-Touch must also be purchased for later transfer to the legal database.

      Technical Specifications

      Black / Silver
      Electricity supply:
      Frequency (Hz)
      Voltage (V)
      Exhaust emissions testing
      Exhaust emissions testing
      Diesel and petrol
      Maintenance interval customer
      Maintenance interval customer
      As required
      Maintenance interval RP-TOOLS
      Maintenance interval RP-TOOLS
      Once a year
      Weight (kg)
      Product weight

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